KaDeadra McNealy: How an Instagram Hashtag Turned into a Business


DCSW: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

KaDeadra: I am KaDeadra McNealy, founder of MNBgo. This awesome platform connects clients to nail technicians for in-home nail care services. Although I have a master’s degree in public policy and worked in international trade, I am a dedicated culture podcast listener and beauty YouTube channel watcher.

DCSW: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

KaDeadra: It’s the desire to help other entrepreneurs grow! I view MNB Pros (nail technicians that work on the MNB platform) as true entrepreneurs who need a little assistance in obtaining a piece of the $8.5 billion nail industry. Helping the nail technicians to earn more than they would in a traditional nail salon and to provide services to companies like Nordstrom and Equinox Sports Club is what inspires me as a founder of MNB.

DCSW: Millennial Nail Bar is a cool concept. What was your inspiration behind it?

KaDeadra: While in graduate school and working a full-time job, my “self-care” involved a fresh manicure. Many of the salons weren’t aware of the current trends in the nail industry, but on Instagram, thousands of nail technicians were crushing the new techniques and were marketing their services by using hashtags. After doing some research, I knew that if I could contact the busy woman, who desires the latest Beyoncé nail art, in the same room with the advanced Instagram nail technicians, …it would be a better world lol.

DCSW: Congrats on being a part of Google’s 2019 Women Techmakers! Can you chat a little bit about that experience?

KaDeadra: WOW! This was such a great experience. To be selected amongst other women from New York, Johannesburg, and London as a tech maker by Google, was a great feeling. When I heard that I was nominated, I said to myself, “little old me.” Lol

DCSW: What do you love most about the DC Startup Community?

KaDeadra: Since attending my first DC Startup Week in 2018, I’ve seen a growth in woman founders! The friendships and mentors I gained since attending is amazing! It’s impossible to say you can’t text or call someone to bounce an idea off of after attending DC Start Week.

DCSW: If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give yourself when you first started your business?

KaDeadra: Do not allow someone’s personal insecurity to dictate your decision-making.