Five Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

Feeling overwhelmed with hundreds of things zipping through your brain at any moment? There’s an app for that.

It’s a new day and you’re feeling refreshed. You wake up, brew some fresh coffee and start cooking eggs on the pan. You’re ahead of the game because you ironed your shirt and pants the night before — #winning. You step into your co-working space and suddenly your email starts flooding blowing up. An RFP is due at 2pm. Your client texted you and *urgently* needs a design project done and you have a content calendar to complete by noon. You forgot to pay your subscription to Adobe. Oops. Hi, Paula. I woke up with a really bad cough and can’t come into the office today. Well, the intern is out and so is your account manager who’s on vacation. Great.

Welcome to the day in the life of an entrepreneur, where everyday is unpredictable and your To-Do list is never ending. We’ve compiled a list of apps that may not solve all of your problems, but will certainly make your life a little bit easier.


This is the ultimate To-Do list app. This virtual To-Do list management mobile application is accessible from the phone, computer or any other device which means you can view your list of tasks from anywhere and anytime. You can set up notifications where your buzz reminders to yourself when deadlines are coming up and add images to correspond with these tasks too. 

This app makes your To-Do list a lot less overwhelming and can also be shared with colleagues so you’re all on the same page. 

2. Headspace

We all need a break. With hundreds of things going on in our everyday lives, constantly working and working with no breaks can actually be counterproductive. Headspace is a ten-minute meditation app for people who don’t meditate often, but should. It is ranked among the top health and fitness apps and provides meditation and mindfulness solutions to calm your brain and help you reach your potential.

3. Toggl

While some companies use Toggl to track time for clients, it’s also a great internal tool to gauge how much time you are spending per client or project. Why did this design project take so long? Was I actually engaged in the work the entire time or did I take breaks to scroll through Instagram? It keeps you accountable and also makes you realize the value of your time.


Email inboxes can be extremely overwhelming. Remember that newsletter you subscribed to four years ago that you thought may interest you but now serves you now purpose? Most of the time, we just mindlessly delete these “junk emails” without unsubscribing. gathers all of your mailbox subscriptions in a list with the option to unsubscribe from any and all in the comfort of one app. Say sayonara to 3,123 unread emails. 

Like we said, there’s always an app for that. We hope these tools free up your day and stress levels so you can focus on you and your business goals.

5. 1Password

If we had a dollar for every time we hit “Forgot Password”….

Who can relate? Between emails, subscription services, and all of the other various apps that all require passwords, unless you use the same one for everything (which isn’t really secure), it’s next to impossible to remember them all. What if we told that there was an app where you only had to remember ONE password while being able to create extremely secure passwords for all of your accounts? Well, that’s 1Password. Create passwords like “S$fs-GJkl” that yield off all hackers without having to remember it — 1Password will do it for you. 

We hope these apps make your life feel more organized and on top of your game. There’s hundreds more out there that all serve different purposes that can help you and your business. We’ll say it one more time — there’s always an app for that.