About DC Startup Week

DC Startup Week is the Greater Washington, D.C. Region’s largest community-driven, entrepreneur-focused event. Each year, thousands of people come together to learn, support, and celebrate the Region’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Something For Everyone

When planning DCSW events, we attempt to engage as much of our community as possible to provide a healthy cross-section of experts and perspectives in varying disciplines. Some events will be more informative and educational, while others will be fun and entertaining.

The Best of the Best

Our Track Leads are experienced subject matter experts who push themselves to create rich, inspiring experiences for attendees of all backgrounds. This year’s Track Leads collaborated to plan impactful events featuring speakers and panelists from more than 50 organizations.

Free to the Public

In order to have a real impact on a community, we believe events and resources need to be as accessible as possible. To that end, we do everything possible to keep DCSW free and open to the public, which would not be possible without our generous sponsors. Without their vision and support, DC Startup Week would not be what it is today.

Student Engagement

One of the things that makes DC Startup Week so special is the attendance of students from almost every provider of higher education in the state. Not only do the students make DC more vibrant, but our sponsors and other local employers will get the chance to make meaningful connections and potentially source new hires.

Help us make DCSW exceptional! There are many ways to be a part of the festivities, whether as a volunteer, vendor, attendee or evangelist. We welcome anyone who wants to contribute, in big or small ways. Let’s talk.

Code of Conduct